The Dwiimm were an ancient people, living in harmony on their world, when the alien Hrack appeared from the Fractures. The Invasion was swift and brutal, devastating the Dwiimm civilization. Yet the Hrack suddenly halted their attack before the Dwiimm were wiped out completely, instead enslaving the Dwiimm for a new purpose.

Thirty years later, the invaders are almost finished stripping the Dwiimm's world to create a massive, mysterious project in orbit around their sun. The ancient Hrack Queen believes that the Dwiimm are the key to the genetic future of the Hrack, thus ending a search that has lasted for millennia. Yet her son, the Prince, desires to eliminate the conquered Dwiimm and rebuild the Hrack empire to regain their former glory.

Caught in the midst of this struggle is Niishe, a young nomad who survives by scavenging at the fringes of civilization. She is unaware of her unique genetic heritage, which will put her squarely in the center of events that will forever decide the fate of both species…

Welcome to the initial site for The Thirteenth Helliion, the first book in The Dwiimm Saga trilogy!

Please have a look around; there's more than a few treats and tidbits here to tide you over until the Big Site goes live. Check back in the News section, which will be updated towards the middle of each month with my progress on creating the series. Once the details are worked out, a spoiler-free Beta Review section might be added, where my Beta readers will share their impressions of the current drafts as they stand for everyone to enjoy.

I promise you this: the books will be well worth waiting for!

Peter Ehm

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