FAQ - Frequently Answered( or asked )Questions

Where can I buy a copy of your book?
At present, the books are still being written and are only in the 'draft' stage, meaning they have not been professionally edited or finalized. The process of getting them published has begun, however, so stay tuned to find out where they will appear first - it will be sooner than you think! 

How long do I have to wait until I can buy a copy of your book?
See the above answer. However, if you have access to a time machine and want to take a trip into the future so that I can see my book sitting shiny and new on a bookstore shelf... I'll dedicate Book Three to you. 

Don't tease me though, as that'd be cruel.

Are you a published author?
Not yet, but I'm working hard on it. I could really use your help in getting there; the more readers I have, the more time I can dedicate to writing stories about the Dwiimm, the Hrack and many other wondrous places... hint, hint.

Why do you write?
Sorry, I can't really answer that, save to say that I have to. Sometimes there are images in my head that just have to come out; I listen when that happens and so far, the results have been rather good, I think.

Where does The Dwiimm Saga take place?
Nowhere near Earth, Humans, or goldfish. It's a universe entirely of my own making, replete with wonders to stagger the mind and grip the imagination. I'm having a grand time exploring it and I'd be pleased if you'd join me in the adventure... 

As Douglas Adams suggests though: you'd better pack a towel.

Who are the main characters of your series?
There's Niishe, the central character, who has no idea what she's in for, watched over by her Dwiimm protector Aviillaar. There's The Prince, son of the alien Hrack Queen, who's not the sort you should lend money to, or even turn your back on. Really bad idea, that. 

They're just some of the many characters, Dwiimm and Hrack and others, who inhabit The Thirteenth Helliion. The universe I've created is packed to bursting with people to meet and places to see; to be honest, I could write about it from now until the heat-death of our Universe and not run out of ideas.

Hope that helps - I'll be carefully adding some information to the site as time progresses, so that I can let you know more about The Dwiimm Saga without spoiling things.

What's your favourite colour?
Green, hands-down. But not that mouldy green you find on cheese - yuck!

Why are goldfish called goldfish, if they're really just orange?
I've never asked myself that question; you'd better ask a goldfish, if you can find a way.

Is there anything else you're not telling us?
Definitely, but I'd have to get you to sign a 203-page NDA first, so let's just not go there. Why not wait to read my books instead?

FAQ last updated August 13, 2014