Series Information

As you saw on the introductory page, The Dwiimm Saga is about two alien races: the Dwiimm and the Hrack who have held an uneasy stalemate for almost thirty years...

The story centers around a girl, Niishe, who is unaware of the adventure that's awaiting her as she tries to survive in a world forever changed by the invading Hrack. This is a sweeping tale told along hte lines of the great scifi classics of old, space-opera style but made for modern audiences who want substance and style in the same story.

This section will be updated in the near future with information about the universe in which The Dwiimm Saga is set. Bear with me though; I have hundreds of pages of documents to comb through to pick out the juicy bits, without spoiling any parts of the books. At the moment, the books are being designed as an interlocking trilogy, written all in sequence and edited together to provide a seamless, balanced reading experience that will reward casual and detail-minded readers alike.

That's a tough job, but I'll get it done. Be patient with me. :-)

Peter Ehm