Where can you get a copy of my books?

A good question!

At present, both Book One and Book Two are in draft form, meaning they have not been edited professionally or formatted for publication.

Also, as I have not( yet! )secured an agent or publisher, the books cannot be released in any comprehensive form as that would compromise any contracts that might be offered. Few publishers want to sign a deal with an author who has already released his work into the world, unfortunately.

However, all is not lost!

I will be releasing various short stories made exclusively for this site, that will take place within the world of the novels. I will also be adding background information( spoiler-free! )that will to some degree illuminate the universe I have been labouring so hard to create.

For now, this early in the process, no 'final' copies of the books can be released - my apologies for that. Given that the long process of taking a book from draft to final store-shelf-worthy copy can take several years, it's far too soon to presume when my novels will appear for sale.

I ask that you be patient, check back regularly and just enjoy the ride, as we prepare the stories of the Dwiimm and the Hrack to be released to the world!

Peter Ehm

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